EP 135: The Difference Between the Spiritual and Work Worlds with Denise Harrington

58:37 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Denise about "What is the Difference Between the Spiritual and the Work World". Denise leads a business that focuses on transforming the way that corporations and businesses communicate. 

She stepped on the stage of a major business club to give a speech on the “Art of Speaking with Impact” and on that day a company and legacy began!

Denise, works with C-Suite Executives, Premier Athletes, and individuals, giving them the tools to capture their “Signature Style” and presence.

Denise is well known as “THE” go-to person for assisting brands in having stronger messages and messengers.  Her influence on brands and those who represent them helps companies’ soar in the marketplace. 

Denise has prepared individuals to speak on some of the most visible global topics such as sustainability, disruptive innovation, global workforce, emerging markets and women’s initiatives. Her client list consists of companies like: Nike, Autodesk, Microsoft, and Cisco…including developing and delivering programs for University of Oregon’s Masters program in Sports Product Management. 

Devi and Denise discuss:

• Denise’s inspiring life journey
• Denise's favorite form of meditation
• How to present yourself
• Learning how to communicate yourself
• Diving deep to the spiritual core of yourself
• The connection between your heart and your mind
• The difference between spiritual and work world
• The schism between the spiritual and corporate world
• Finding yourself
• The outward expression of life
• Contributing to the corporate world
• Money as a spiritual instrument
• Knowing and feeling your connection with the divine
• Recognize your expertise
• Silence as a divine authority
• Invitation for people to be stronger with their voices
• Keeping your eye on the purpose
• Speak to be more visible and powerful
• Meditation in the corporate world
• Working on media space
• Letting go of schism
• Life is about evolving

and more...

Connect with Denise @ www.dmhconsultinggroup.com


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