EP 137: Tragedy to Triumph - Overcoming Adversity with Scott Sargeant

47:46 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Scott Sargeant about “Tragedy to Triumph – Overcoming Adversity”. Scott is the founder of Champion Results Academy which focuses on helping business owners get a competitive edge to increase revenues and profits while creating more balance and freedom with their time, fitness and fulfillment. Scott was an Olympic hammer thrower until a tragic accident turned him into a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. But, with the help of his coach, Scott designed his own recovery program and defied the odds--walking out of the hospital only 6 weeks later.  That's right, walked out.  Since then he's been inspiring audiences the world over with his story of triumph.  But, there's something he's been hiding about the whole story.  Hiding, that is, until now... 

Devi and Scott discuss:

• Scott’s triumphant life journey
• Scott’s passion for athletics and outdoors
• The powerful life lessons of his unique journey
• Scott’s own recovery plan from his spinal cord injury
• Overcoming pain and challenges
• The power of language
• The power of positivity
• Finding out your first flicker
• Values of honesty and integrity
• Fighting for the chance of recovery
• Having freedom of choice despite the pain and challenges
• Receiving the "divine blessing"
• Becoming a real inspiration
• Fulfillment for your Soul’s Journey
• Being willing to share the richness of your journey
• Taking the steps in life
• How Lies can be more damaging than the life experience
• Stopping lying to yourself
• How the truth will set you free
• How courage is not about being fearless
• Taking the first little steps

and more...

Connect with Scott on LinkedIn @ www.linkedin.com/in/scott-sargeant-olympic-mindset


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