EP 141: Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Relationships with Kristine Grant

1:03:23 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Kristine Grant about “Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Relationships”. Kristine is a Marriage Family Therapist, and Relationship Expert and author of the forthcoming book “Relationshift: The Right Words for What You Really Want to Say.” She is the creator of the Relationshift Process, that helps people resolve conflicts and learn Conscious Communication skills in order to Create Positive Connections in ALL their relationships including romance, work, family etc. She is also the creator of Inspired Heart Letters and has helped clients write letters to heal their relationships. She has appeared on numerous Television and Radio Shows including CBS, ABC, Fox, The CW Channel and is a popular speaker nationally. 

Devi and Kristine discuss:

• Kristine’s empowering life and business journey
• Turning negative things into positive outcomes
• Going on autopilot: “fight or flight” mode
• How to communicate when you’re in “fight or flight” mode
• Becoming more vulnerable and open
• Not being fearful of being transparent
• Upgrading your writing skills
• Being open to “problem solve”
• Letting go of pain, anguish, and hostility
• Raising the frequency without negative body language towards confrontation
• Strategies for overcoming “fight or flight” mode
• Practices for making the shift from “fight or flight” mode
• Maintaining a state of gratitude
• Standing up to and moving fast amidst crisis
• Honoring yourself
• Resolving conflicts and creating positive relationships
• Opening up a "window" in your life
• Achieving a point of trust
• How to have healthy boundaries
• Discernment
• A smile or a gesture of kindness can change the vibration around you
• Paying attention to your environment

 and more…

Connect with Kristine @ www.inspiredheartletters.com


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