EP 145: Wealth Dynamics for the Spiritual Entrepreneur with Marie Ruzicka

51:06 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Marie Ruzicka about “Wealth Dynamics for the Spiritual Entrepreneur”. If, like Buckminster Fuller said, “We are all born a Genius but the process of life Degenuises us,” imagine what it would look if we could rediscover & reconnect with what our Genius is and live from that place?  When you are in your Genius, you are in your Flow, and synchronicities happen easily - so much so that they appear as Magick. That is the playground where Marie Ruzicka (roo-ZEE-ka) has frolicked for over 30 years.  Her chosen place to land is with the navigation of Abraham-Hicks, & Wealth Dynamics, with Roger James Hamilton.

Marie is an International Transformational Storyteller, Catalyst for Joy, and NOW. Creatrix, Guardian & Caretaker of the Magickal Land of Awesome - A podcast that dives into imagining & Co-Creating a place of truly experiencing Magick. In every, moment. Like no kidding…Every Moment. 

Wake up…it’s time to play… Devi and Marie discuss:

• Marie’s inspiring life journey as a spiritual entrepreneur
• A tale about simply stepping into the "flow"
• Only focusing on the things that you’re good at
• The concept of "flow"
• The definition of Wealth
• Wealth is what is what you’re left with when you lost all your money
• The Wealth Square
• The Wealth Dynamic Spectrum
• Wealth is about "everything"
• The three levels of a lighthouse in the “Wealth Spectrum”
• The infrared level of the Wealth Spectrum
• The red level of the Wealth Spectrum
• The orange level of the Wealth Spectrum
• The best teacher of the Universe 
• Finding your “Rhythm”
• The “Dynamo Energy”
• Slowing down, strategizing and systemizing your world
• The Mechanic profile in the Wealth Spectrum
• Devi’s specific Wealth Dynamics profile
• “Three Deep Breaths” with Devi
• The Wealth Dynamics aspects

and more…

Connect with Marie @ www.magickallandofawesome.com

If you are inspired to Discover Your Genius & the Discover the Flow of Your Wealth there are 2 ways…you can start. There is a Free Test to Find Your Path to Genius.  Takes one minute and it’s called the Genius Test, that will start you on your journey. https://www.geniusu.com/my-genius-test

The 2nd way is to schedule at 30-Minute Clarity Call with Marie. Here is the link for that. http://bit.ly/ComplimentaryClarityCall

And ...If you're inspired, check out the Magickal Land of [Awe]some podcast: http://bit.ly/MagickalLand

For your reference: We discuss the picture of the Wealth Spectrum & Wealth Square.  You can see that here: http://bit.ly/WealthProfilesWealthSpectrum


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