EP125: How to Grow Your Bottom Line with Feng Shui as a Secret to Success with P.K. Odle

39:29 · 2018

(Septemberfest) In this episode, Devi chats with PK Odle about, “How to Grow Your Bottom Line with Feng Shui as a Secret to Success”. P.K. Odle is a master Feng Shui consultant and the executive director of the renowned American Feng Shui Institute, where she taught since 1998 when P.K. met its founder master Larry Sang Feng Shui, she walked away from her corporate career and seize the opportunity to make positive changes in the world by improving client's health, relationships, and Finances because revolutionary lifetime keys, personal direction, self-mastery toolbox is the only step by step system that teaches how to locate and manage precise 15 degree Feng Shui personal directions according to your date of birth and gender, including your prosperous, consuming, creative, and intellectual directions. P.K. creates you're one of a kind of toolbox that reveals your supportive versus sabotaging, 15-degree magnetic directions, and teaches you how to maximize them anywhere on earth for your entire lifetime. Her private consulting firm, the Feng Shui advantage offers onsite and remote evaluations of existing structures and project development for residential and commercial clients worldwide. She is just an epic Expat and extraordinary spiritual entrepreneur and she's really a master of luxury.

Devi and P.K. discuss:

• P.K.’s exciting “Feng Shui” journey
• The history and background of “Feng Shui”
• “Feng Shui” an ancient Chinese science
• Locating and Managing Directions
• “Clutter” brings impact your wealth
• Going with your nature
• The “15 Degree Directions”
• Releasing your “clutter” to avoid financial setbacks
• Locating your “Magnetic North”
• Bottom line and “Feng Shui”
• Using “Anchor” to fill in the missing corner
• How to expand your business using “Feng Shui”
• How to map out your area using the “Feng Shui corners”
• Looking at the elements in your “garage”
• Adding some positive energy in your “garage” and other areas
• Fire colors in the “garage”
• Tracking your prosperous month and day
• Adjusting your “money lock”
• Deflecting the “chi” with fabric
• Fire colors affecting your “bottom line”
• Learning to embrace “change”

and more…

Connect with P.K. on her website @ PKfengshui.com


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