Episode 018: The Inspiring Power of Acknowledgement

12:31 · 2018

(Devi Download) The Inspiring Power of Acknowledgement:  In this episode of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, Devi shares with you an awareness that has been on her heart this week, the inspiring power of acknowledgement.  It has been an extraordinary journey doing this podcast and Devi talks about how hosting the Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast has deeply effected her life for the better! From alkalizing more in her life, to re-organizing her home to add a home video studio, to creating online courses and videos, to inspiring nurturing spiritual practices, to new books she is reading - each guest has impacted her life so much already! Specifically, Devi talks about a recent episode that she recorded with a gentleman who has a company that makes "you are" videos to help answer the question for people of "Do I matter?".  This episode is being released next Friday (Episode 019), but like so many other guests, this one has inspired a new practice for Devi that she shares with you during this episode.  Devi invites you to create a similar practice to enjoy the gift of the inspiring power of acknowledgement. Have a listen! You can learn more about Devi on her website DeviAdea.com.  You can also view her Devi TV channel at DeviTV.com. Please share with us in the comment section how you acknowledge the extraordinary people in your life!


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