Episode 029: How to Love Yourself More & Not Be So Hard on Yourself

17:25 · 2018

(Devi Download) How to Love Yourself More and Not be so Hard on Yourself: In this episode of Spiritual Entrepreneur, Devi addresses the question of how to love yourself more and to not be so hard on yourself.  Spiritual Entrepreneurship can be a great journey of self discovery and self expression.  While it can be very fulfilling, it is can also be easy to put ourselves last on the list when we are pouring our heart and soul into the work that we do in the world and the service that we are called to provide.  And, when we have high standards it can be easy to judge the work that we do and to be hard on ourselves. Devi shares how to: Love yourself more, by discovering your personal love language and creating practices to give yourself more love in a way that touches your unique heart and soul. Change your inner dialogue to shift how you perceive yourself and ultimately how you treat yourself. You can learn more about Devi and her work, at her main website:  deviadea.com


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