Episode 059: The Power of Appreciation with Joey Chandler

45:16 · 2018

In this episode, Devi chats with Joey Chandler about the incredible power of appreciation for your life and business. Joey is the founder of the Appreciation Nation, LLC and is focused on raising the appreciation we have for ourselves and each other. For this his company offers three services - "You Are Videos" which are tribute videos for birthdays and weddings, the "You Are App" which helps people learn what others appreciate about them and "You Are Training" which helps change makers increase their clarity, confidence, and consistency During this conversation, Devi and Joey discuss: How Joey defines appreciation The importance of expressing appreciation to another person How acts of appreciation lead to the development of courage The power of posting appreciation on Facebook Joey’s mission to raise our level of appreciation for ourselves and others The effect of the energetic resonance of appreciation Appreciating the wholeness of ourselves and others What you need to appreciate first before you can give the gift of appreciation The "You Are App" movement “It’s not about the biggest step, it’s not about the right step, it is simply about taking the next step” The edge of discomfort in asking to be appreciated by another Leading others through appreciation Practices that help to deepen the appreciation in your life and business Silent appreciation vs verbal appreciation Advice on what you must do when building an app The power of getting your purpose down to one sentence and more... Connect with Joey on his website theappreciationnation.com and on Facebook in the Appreciation Nation Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Theappreciationnation/ Resources Mentioned in this Episode:  Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris and UpLevelChallenge.com If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to be notified of future episodes and if you love the show, please leave us a nice review on Itunes @ SEPodcast.com


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