Episode 064: Billionaire Parenting with Stéphane Provencher & Jennifer Luc

58:30 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Dr. Stéphane Provencher & Jennifer Luc about Billionaire Parenting.  According to Dr. S and Jenn, “Every child is born a billionaire.  They are born with 100 billion brain cells.  It is the goal of every parent to raise their child the best they can. Part of the upbringing should include finding strategies that will fully develop all of those brain cells. When done correctly their child will be able to meet their full physical, emotional, mental and soul’s potential.”

Topics discussed in this episode, include:

The Whole-Listic Children’s Foundation
Jenn’s story of helping her children find their voice, literally
Connecting with your children through love
Balancing stress levels to assist with proper healing
The link between nutrition and our thoughts and emotions
The emotion that hits parents when they realize that their child is dealing with a diagnosis and how to work with it
The technique that was used to heal 8,000 diseases
Our Emotional Guidance System
How to gain access to our well being and greatness
How to systematically quiet your mind
Dr. S’s tool that he uses to hack his meditation
How to tweak the law of attraction to create consistent results
The missing component to law of attraction
Loving your child into their greatness
When to create a spiritual routine to support your child as a parent
The impact of using phrases like “Be Careful” with your child
The unpublished formula for all of the illnesses in the world
How Jenn used music to help her child to learn to speak
The Gifted Academy

and more...

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Joe Dispenza: http://www.drjoedispenza.com/ Brain Tap: https://braintaptechnology.com/btt/ Louise Hay:http://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/ Dr. Emoto: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/ Psychoneuroimmunology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychoneuroimmunology

Learn More About Dr. S:

Stéphane Provencher D.C., F.I.M., B.C.H.H.P., D.I.C.S., C.K.T.P. Founder of Gainesville Holistic Health Center Co-Founder, Whole-Listic Children’s Foundation and Hospital Chairman of Research, Sacro Occipital Research Society International

Stéphane Provencher’s earliest memories resounded with cries of pain and discomfort. Massively obese and bullied throughout childhood, he knew one thing for certain; he was not normal. “By the time my parents divorced, it was clear that any personal road map I might have developed was shattered, my destiny was a vague memory wrapped in the solitude of despair. It was years later, after leaving school and traveling to Europe, after reading The Alchemist that I discovered my limiting beliefs were no more than an illusion. I began to ask Who am I? Why am I here?

Stéphane was now free to recall how his gift for intuiting where in their bodies’ people held pain, enabled him to feel what they were feeling and help heal their emotional wounds. This awareness guided his dedicated studies and career in chiropractic as he began to understand how the intertwined relationship of the body, mind, and spirit worked together. For Stéphane, learning how emotions—not purely physical ailments—cause 90% of all pain and dis-ease, was not as much revelatory as confirmatory.

The staggering realization that emitting or sending frequencies of love can restore proper b


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