Episode 069: Fit To Lead - The New Model of Fitness with Holley Mignosi

1:01:24 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Holley Mignosi about being “fit to lead” - the New Model of Fitness.  Holley is on a mission to guide female Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders to Lose Weight and Fall in Love with their Dream Body, by mastering proven Transformational Techniques and Releasing Hidden Habits that hold them back so that they feel Fit To Lead with Passion, Purpose, and Charisma on Command for all of life's stages. 

 In this episode, Devi and Holley chat about:

How to get over the fear of being seen
The new body image that is showing up in media
The impact of photoshopping and filters for photos on social media
Being authentic with the advent of technology that is designed to make you look perfect
How to embrace your authentic body as your brand
Self-validation and being perfect in all of your imperfections
The "Taboo of Cellulite"
Photoshopping our lives on social media
Spiritual practices for fitness and being fit to lead
Having a gratitude practice for your body
Moving meditation
Invigorating mantras to use while exercising
How to transform unsupportive habits
Our primal language
What we need to do in order to be able to lead others
How to communicate better with your body
The benefit of an early morning habit
“Don’t erase - Replace!”
The Four Pillars of Health
The impact of not getting enough sleep
Why Holley loves to work with Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Business women
What you can do to fit your exercise and health habit into your busy life
Life hacks for successful fitness
Outsourcing meals with delivery services
The 4 Stages of Learning in fitness
The impact of negative self-talk on our fitness level
How to stay motivated
Watching what you choose to make your identity
The three biggest mistakes that people make in their fitness
Eating "Lean, Clean and Green"

and more…

About Holley:Holley’s mission is to L.I.F.T. women to step into their Dream Body and Dream LIfe. 


Lose weight & love your body
Inspire your mind and stop negative self-talk
Free your spirit
Transform your life to lead with passion

Holley began helping models and actors get in top shape as an Image, Fitness, and Runway Coach in 1991.  Then in 2005, she opened LIFT Beyond Fitness Training Studio in San Diego. 

Motivating mom’s, brides, business executives, and spiritual entrepreneurs to lose weight, feel strong and confident quickly became a labor of love for Holley.

Now she waves the flag of health and fitness freedom for all.

Get fit to lead & download your FREE visualization audio @ HolleyMignosi.com

Resources Mentioned: “What the Health” Film


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