Episode 072: Lifestyle Solopreneurship for the Spiritual Entrepreneur with Flavia Berys

44:08 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Flavia Berys about Lifestyle Solopreneurship for the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Flavia is the host of the Lifestyle Solopreneur Podcast, an attorney, law professor, author, real estate investor, and founder of several online academies. During this conversation, Flavia shares powerful tools, mindset shifts, and tactical insights that will help you to be highly successful in creating your lifestyle business, as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. 

Devi and Flavia discuss:

How Flavia has created her Solopreneur Lifestyle Businesses
The distinction that Flavia received between “active” vs. “passive” income when her daughter was born two months premature
The two things to do, when you are wanting to shift into living on passive income
Should you quit your day job to become an entrepreneur?
Why you might want to cut your cable bill this month
How to pick your best avenue for passive income
Flavia's podcast, the Lifestyle Solopreneur
The benefits that Flavia has received from her best seller
What to think about when pitching major media
How to get more exposure from keynoting
What materials you will need to put together to be hired as a keynote speaker
What to do when you hit a wall in business
The importance of having a powerful support group and network
“Voworking” (aka Virtual co-working)
How to be successful as a Multi-niche personality
Is niching necessary?
Growing money through real estate
Buying “dirt” with “air”
The Absolute Triple Net Commercial Lease
The role of intuition in business
The importance of taking action
“When you pray, move your feet!”

and more…

Connect with Flavia on her Lifestyle Solopreneur website @ LifestyleSolopreneur.com/

Attend Flavia's FREE Real Estate Investing Webinar @ LandlordPrep.com

If you would like to reach Flavia for real estate law or cheerleading, you can also visit one of these websites:

Flavia’s law practice: BerysLaw.com
Flavia’s real estate practice: SolamarRealty.com
Flavia’s pro cheerleader training site: ProCheerLife.com
Pom Fit: Pom Fit

Resources Mentioned:

Blinkby Malcolm Gladwell:  On Amazon

Mora about Flavia:

Flavia Berys is an attorney, law professor, author, real estate investor, and founder of several online academies.

She’s also the host of the LIFESTYLE SOLOPRENEUR podcast, the community for entrepreneurs who put lifestyle first!

She's been featured in major media including BBC World News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, ESPN television, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Inside Edition and other major media.

Here’s another fun fact: She’s also a former NFL Cheerleader and founder of the Pro Cheer Life online community.

Flavia is a recovering workaholic who once worked for one of the largest global law firms, involved in large-scale legal matters for Fortune 500 companies and other high-profile clients worldwide.

But other than that stint as a 90-hours-per-week lawyer in Silicon Valley, she has always been an entrepreneur and loves helping other entrepreneurs build businesses that complement their life and create balance.

She feels supremely blessed to be able to combine work with play.

Her career has allowed her to earn a living while traveling and working in the Czech Republic, Hawaii, Guam, Uruguay, and Spain. She was able to chore


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