Episode 074: Creating & Establishing Healthy Boundaries with Erin McDonald

45:27 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Erin McDonald about Creating and Establishing Healthy Boundaries in your life and business as a spiritual entrepreneur.  Erin is an international life and business coach, obsessed with transformation - both her own and that of her incredible clients.  She has a course called “6 Weeks to Better Boundaries” and she shares some of her expert boundary advice with us in this episode. 

Devi and Erin discuss:

How to establish healthy boundaries in your business
The impact of not setting healthy boundaries
How to have difficult conversations around boundaries
Knowing the intended outcome behind your boundary conversation
How to communicate when you are ending a relationship with a client
Owning your part of a relationship
“Being messy and cleaning things up later”
What to do when people choose to test your boundaries
How Erin sets boundaries around personal time with her kids
Powerful agreements that create powerful relationships
Choosing the relationships that we want to have
Creating the space for your “why”
Letting go of the desire to multitask
Reverse engineering your business from the lifestyle that you want to create
Setting office hours
Not trying to “mom” and “work” at the same time
Putting your phone in the drawer
Setting boundaries around work/life balance
Creating dedicated time to “fill back up” and have personal self-care
Using a scheduler, like Acuity Scheduling
“Book it” to make it happen
Creating clarity around who you are willing to work within your business
Setting boundaries in the beginning of the relationship and only working with the people that you are here to serve
Creating powerful copy and branding that comes from you being yourself
Not allowing your branding to create a barrier between you and your ideal clients
Being delighted in being yourself
Moving from “It is not personal, it’s business” to “It is not business, it is personal”
How to set boundaries in the online space
The need for both boundaries and blurred lines
Knowing “who you are for” and “who you are not for”
How to find your own voice in your copy by sharing what you like
Using copy to automatically set the boundaries around who you want to work with
How humor is such an underrated tool in spirituality
Be curious about what is interesting for you and always assume that someone will find it interesting, fun or inspirational
The number one boundary that Erin set in her business and life that made the most difference for her
Acting on the red flags that you are overlooking
Watching out for the victim mentality
The importance of keeping going and not settling
Why “clumsy grace”

and more…

Connect with Erin on her website @ ClumsyGrace.com On Facebook: facebook.com/clumsygrace

More about Erin:

Erin is an international life and business coach, obsessed with transformation - both her own and that of her incredible clients, also tacos.  When she’s not coaching the funniest, most creative, purpose-filled, biggest-hearted-bad-asses on the planet earth, she enjoys parenting her two hilarious kids and wife-ing it up with her rad subbed.  She considers herself a kitchen dance party enthusiast and is a self-proclaimed whack-a-mole champion.  She believes that most success comes from mindset, that coaching creates miracles, that relief is


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