Episode 083: Intuitive Art with Rachel Archelaus

33:55 · 2018

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In this episode, Devi chats with Rachel Archelaus about Intuitive Art and How to Have a Two-Way Conversation with Your Higher Self. Rachel is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy where she teaches people how to have a two-way conversation with their intuition. She is an internationally known spiritual teacher and business mentor to lightworkers. 

Devi and Rachel discuss:

How to have a two-way conversation with your higher self
How to create Intuitive Art
Decoding your color meanings in Intuitive Art
The types of questions that you can answer through Intuitive Art
The importance of being in complete alignment with your higher self
How to use Intuitive Art to set up your launch, freebie opt-in, or email sequence
Using intuitive art to find your tone and message for your copy
Attracting Leads with Intuitive Art
Using Intuitive Art to create your day in a more fun way
Using your Intuitive Art to prioritize your business
Knowing how to recognize if something is aligned with your higher self or not
Trusting yourself as the best expert on yourself
Turning up the volume on your inner world through feeling-based meditation
How intuition is the "first voice" that answers your questions
How to make tapping into your intuition a habit
The importance of putting yourself into "feeling good" to enhance your business and life
Choosing ease
When your biggest impact happens

and more…

Connect with Rachel on her website @ https://intuitiveart.com/

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More about Rachel:

Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, artist, and business mentor. She is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy which teaches people how to have a two-way conversation with their Higher Selves in an easy, creative way.

The Certified Intuitive Artist program helps healers, therapists, and coaches to create a lucrative & impactful business by using Intuitive Art with their clients.

Rachel is the co-host of Soulfullpreneur Radio and the host of the Intuitive Art Show.

In 2008 she also founded Sephyrus Press which publishes poetry and self-help.

Rachel is also the first visual artist to have performed at the ZMR Music Awards.

Rachel grew up seeing angels and talking with her spirit guides so she has always known that there is more to this world than what meets the eye. Her connection to the spirit world has shown her first hand that creating the life you want is more energetic than linear.

Rachel’s core teaching is to align with the Higher Self to manifest your desired life because that is the part of us that creates our reality. Her approach may be far from mainstream, but her clients will tell you that it works.


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