Episode 126: Indicos and Indie Empaths "Who We Are and How We Heal" with Sarah Anne Dordel

52:49 · 2018

(Septemberfest) In this episode, Devi chats with Sarah Anne Dordel about, Indicos and Indie Empaths “Who We Are and How We Heal”. Sarah Anne is a dear friend and she is a talented speaker, promoter, and a conscious business consultant who provides huge visibility in rapid transformation for conscious entrepreneurs and businesses. Sarah Anne is the leader of the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce in order to take her leadership global and support good people doing good things across the country and beyond. Devi and Sarah Anne discuss:

• Sarah Anne’s extraordinary life experience
• Identifying an "Indico"
• A new type of “empath”
• Benefits of being an “Indico and Indie Empath”
• Traits of an “Indico" and an "Indie Empath”
• Creating a strong career by identifying your “Indico side”
• Setting up healthy boundaries
• Tips for establishing healthy boundaries
• Setting your life up for success
• Types of awakenings and activations
• Going through each of your challenges
• “Slowing down” is essential
• Finding a community that you can relate to
• Managing the energy in your body
• Being relentlessly selfish
• Making time for “self-care”
• Becoming solution oriented
• Stop easing the pain of other people
• Caring for ourselves first
• Having our own divine source
• Intimacy for “Indicos”
• The balance in doing the “soul-calling”
• Being aware to be empowered to say “no”
• Allowing all your energies to blend
• Having your own “sacred space”
• Tips on setting boundaries
• Being prepared for people to hurt you

and more…

More about Sara Anne:

In 2014 and at the top of her career game, Sarah Anne's life started to crumble around her when she experienced a very abrupt and hostile job loss, followed by a spontaneous spiritual awakening. These experiences, although traumatic, were gifts as they ignited her passion to advocate for leaders who are truly ethical and heart centered in the world of work today, Sarah Anne specializes in helping others like her to awaken their business and healed themselves in the process.

Her clients are emerging leaders and she teaches them how to launch, lead and build their own large-scale network in order to position themselves as powerful influencers through trust of visibility and savvy event marketing. Sarah Anne prides herself on being a big dreamer, a passionate problem solver, and an expert in growing businesses organically and cost-effectively.

Your intuitive branding, strategic relationships, top-notch educational events, and exceptional systems. Her big dream is to elevate humanity through conscious collaboration, compassion, and a hardy appreciation for the imperfect moments on the path of life. Connect with Sarah Anne on her website @ sarahannedordel.com


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