Extreme Mindset

Extreme Mindset - How to End Bad Habits - Jocko Willink

Season 1, Episode 24 | 2021 | 6:40 | INSPIRATION |

Don't know where to start? Well Jocko Willink gives you the answer...Here & Now.

Have a goal? Have a dream? You need to act aggressively. Stop thinking about it and start doing it. Once you take the first step, believe it and do it! Jocko goes on the explain that he was rebellious as a child and did some shady things. That's where the military helped straighten him out. It gave Jocko Willink the structure and stability to start. It provided comradery and instilled confidence in his own abilities to evaluate and react under pressure. That was what he was looking for. It is hard. Life is hard. Go after your goals and don't ever quit.

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