Fireside Chat Following the breadcrumbs to find your truth.

2020 | 58:29 | LIFESTYLE |

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Fireside Chat 22 October 2020
Following the breadcrumbs to find your truth

Have you ever had a nudge that was so subtle that you could have completely ignored it, but you didn’t and your life changed forever because of it?

These nudges are your spirit guides whispering to you instructions to take certain actions, see specific people or ask the right questions at the right time, and then acting on the information you receive.

I call it following the breadcrumbs which allows the Universe to unfold your Master Plan in a way that you could never hope to orchestrate without help.

Join me at the Fireside tonight as I share with you the nudges I had that led me to follow a trail of breadcrumbs, helping me create and live a life very different from where I started, tapping into my true calling.

Hear how you can also tap into your spirit guides whispers and learn to follow the breadcrumbs and lead a life doing what you were truly put on this earth to do.

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