Free Art in New Jersey / New York Area

2021 | 7:25 | EVENTS |

If you LOVE free art, then check out the First Open Studio at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City on display October first through the third.
One of the artists featured will be Osmeli Delgado, a talented Venezuelan artist who trained in New York and Italy. Her work can be found at and on instagram @OsmeliAnais. This amazing artist is now living the American Dream while sharing her beautiful art and message with our Kirk Gimenez, who is also Venezuelan.

Delgado is a Venezuelan artist and architect who has lived in New Jersey for the past 10 years. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2008 and a Certificate in Visual Arts from the National Academy School of New York in 2015. Her work has been shown at the renowned Villalon Gallery and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo del Zulia in Venezuela, Tatiana Pages Gallery in NYC, Woodward Gallery in NYC, Union City Museum in NJ, and at The National Academy Museum of NY. Her art has also been part of the Bailey House auction for three consecutive years, selected winner in the 2014 and 2015 ArtSlant Showcase of New York, and have been featured on popular design and art blogs like Trend,,,,, and Wall Street International.

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