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Romi Cortier has owned a salon in LA’s upscale neighborhood of Hancock Park for over 17 years. Romi Cortier Design is a boutique hair salon with multiple private rooms and is located at 425 N Larchmont Blvd. Romi has worked with numerous celebrities over the years, specializing primarily in hair color.

Romi is also a 4th generation artist who’s work has been published in the book Marilyn in Art. His paintings belong to collectors across the country, from Manhattan to Texas to LA. He was a contributor to the Portraits of the Fallen Memorial Project, and recently published a book of his art, The Art of Romi Cortier, now available on Amazon. Romi’s salon also doubles as a gallery for his artwork.
Romi maintains a blog dedicated to art, architecture and interior design, chronicling his global travels and the things that inspire him. The objective of the blog is to celebrate what’s right and beautiful in the world as a counterpoint to the negativity of most online media. His Design Diary can be found at www.WhereArtInspiresBeauty.com.

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