Gopala "GK" Krishnan, Chairman & CEO, Nanban Group of Companies, DotCom Magazine Exclusive Intervie

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Gopala "GK" Krishnan, Chairman & CEO, Nanban Group of Companies, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Gopala "GK" Krishnan and Nanban Group of Companies:

Leading the management of multi billion dollar private equity fund(s) in Nanban Enterprise. We apply advanced GK strategies to generate superior financial returns for high net worth investors( individuals and other entities).
Nanban Enterprise provides one stop shop for all kinds of investors interested in investing in private funds.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Finance, General from Washburn University, Kansas, USA.
Series 65 certified.

Welcome to a life of financial freedom!

At Nanban Enterprise, we offer tailored financial plans to help you protect, grow, and preserve your wealth. You want a plan that satisfies your financial desires, it is our aim to leave you in a better financial place than we found you.

Using a revolutionary technique (GK Strategy), we work together to help you tailor the best financial plan, most suitable to enable you to grow your wealth. We also help review your achievements and walk with you hand in hand towards the actualization.

Nanban Capital: A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm that provides financial advisory services to clients who need help managing their investment accounts like self-managed IRAs, self-managed Rollover IRAs, private accounts etc. The accounts are managed by the Robo-Advisor platform named GKBot. The company only invests in broad market indexes and uses advanced derivatives to generate cash flow.

Nanban Investments: For Sophisticated Investors, the firm provides Hedge Fund/Private Equity Fund for Nanban’s to generate Superior Returns. Nanban Investments company brings “alternative investments” opportunities to “Qualified and/or Accredited” investors to generate superior returns on their investments. Nanban Investments clients invest in the common fund along with other investors.

As a socially responsible company, we are also touching lots of souls with our charity service; Nanban Foundation; a non-profit organization tasked with providing free, high-quality financial education to all. To date, we have trained over 3000 investment enthusiasts.

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