GoPro: Feeding Bobcat Treats to Tiger Lilly

2019 | 2:21 | ANIMALS |

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Follow along as Keeper Brittany gives treats to Tiger Lilly bobcat to get an up-close view of the very shy bobcat using Operant Conditioning techniques.
Learn her story:

Big Cat Rescue’s Animal Training Program is based on operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is a type of learning in which behaviors are altered by the consequences that follow them. The behaviors are not forced, but “caught”, reinforced and therefore trained. We train only natural behaviors, no entertainment types of behaviors.
Operant Conditioning can:

Reduce the stress loads imposed by captivity
Enhance keeper safety
Facilitate routine care
Improve animal welfare
Enrich the animal and volunteer experience

Big Cat Rescue’s Operant Training Program is intended for:

Eliciting calm behavior from each of our animals while they are in the presence of their keepers and veterinary staff
Training behaviors that are dependable regardless of the trainer present
Providing mental stimulation for our animals
Enabling safe emergency and non-emergency transportation of the animals
Providing public education

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