Grease and Love with Guest LaFiesta Morning Show Host Ana Maria Caraballo

2020 | 14:00 | INSPIRATION |

Morning Show Host and Program Director of 98.5 LaFiesta, Ana Maria Caraballo has been a comforting and informative voice for the Latin Community on Long Island during the #Covid19 Pandemic, so much so, that she recently graced the cover of Fanfare/Part 2 of Newsday. Ana Maria and Christine Gerani discuss PPE, race relations and in this episode of #GreaseandLove she tells the story of a Nurse, a hero fighting for his life, but sadly, shortly after we filmed, Raul Washington Guale Jr. passed away. This episode is dedicated to Raul. May he Rest In Peace. A Gofund-Me page has been set up to help his family. Please share or donate if you can.
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