Grease & Love | Guest Dancer Buddy Casimano

2020 | 16:14 | INSPIRATION |

When the pandemic hit and New York closed down, so many of us lost our jobs and businesses. While the panic set in, gig workers like Buddy Casimano quickly took to social media to offer fitness classes for both kids and adults in his Facebook Group Buddy's at Home Classes, where the classes are free but donations are appreciated. Parents who need a break can have their kids exercise during the day and then Sip and Stretch with Buddy at night, cocktail in hand. Enjoy this special zoom cast of Grease and Love with Christine Gerani. Buddy Casimano is a Dance Judge, Fitness Expert, Choreographer, Lounge Co-host and dancer for Pop Star Debbie Gibson. Produced by SpotOnMediaGroup Made on #LongIsland

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