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DOVE Seal of Approval for Family Viewing

Judge Vaughn, Shakespearean actor, becomes psychologically troubled while playing Hamlet on stage. His connection to the play takes him back in time to 1920, where he must unravel the mystery surrounding his past life and death. What he uncovers is more than a parallel existence, but his attempt to repair the damage done in the past may leave him there, unable to return to present day.
A fascinating puzzle, a tale of parallel stories in different time frames, reminiscent of hypnotic movies like "Dead Again”, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and “Vertigo”.

GLEN MAC (Body of Proof, Law & Order LA)
CREAGEN DOW (Zoey 101, Dubious Sources)
WALKER HAYNES (CSI:NY, Gunfight At La Mesa)
JOHN LOPRIENO (One Life To Live, Star Trek Voyager)
IDA ANDERSON (Hawaii, Loveshack)
STEPHANIE ZIMBALIST (Remington Steele, Touched By An Angel)
BROOKE NEWTON (All My Children, Perception)

Genre: Sci-fi; Adventure, Family, Time-travel; 82min; HD; in English; 2014

Keywords: sci-fi; time travel; paranormal; stage; theatre; Shakespeare; actor; acting; art-house; Dove Seal; Dove; family viewing; Hamlet; mystery; drama; suspense; 1920’s; parallel existence; past lives; Walker Haynes; adventure; ghost; English language; crime; investigation; mistaken identity; time-jumping; fugitive; hallucinations; family film; theater; Broadway; puzzle; mind-bending; Bill and Ted; time travel

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