Harp Music, Sacred Geometry, and the Power of High Vibration

1:03:56 · 2019

IF YOU ARE ALL ABOUT HIGH VIBRATION… High Vibrational Frequencies… and even enthusiastically all about Beautiful-Angelic Music which absolutely takes you there on another level, then this show is exactly just for you!
Tune-in to the next third-eye-opening episode of The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast, as your host Vyoma Nupur interviews returning guest, Peter Sterling, as Peter talks about what he has been doing as of late, especially so with his NEW Album and also with his work involved with the CBD Oil Revolution in Integrative Medicine. Hey, if it’s not the content that will take you and your body to another level of Angelic Healing (well) the music that you will hear while listening to this show and at the end of it… will also take you there to that inner level of PEACE! And you can now listen to this highly-intriguing interview only on Binge Networks TV and REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O: The Number #1 Source for Motivational Author Interviews, Intuitive Blog and Inspirational Podcast Radio On-Demand.”
U.S. Veteran, Registered Nurse, Professional Voice-Over, Self-Proclaimed Doctor of Podcast, Quantum Mechanic, Ancient Archeology & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Controversial Theorist, Writer, Blogger, Author of The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, Host of Quantum Mindfulness Radio and the Great Awakening (The Podcast), Executive Producer & Founder of REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O
When the muse comes calling to any person interested in the arts, she is not always instantly heeded, but perhaps stays in the back on the person’s mind, sometimes for years. Like a lingering memory of something pleasant, she waits patiently for the stars to align and serendipity to enter the picture and that is when the muse is embraced by the person. For some, it happens early in life but for others, it may not occur until a much later period in life. This was the case for Peter Sterling.
Born in Santa Monica, Peter Sterling began playing the piano at 6 years old, first accompanying his brother who was practicing violin. For a period of four months, he played, solely by ear, for his mother’s and his own pleasure. After a family friend heard and watched Peter playing, the friend chastised him, saying he was “doing it wrong.” As would almost any child, Peter resented the statement, and stopped playing right after that.

His muse sensed his despair. However, all things come to those who waits Peter’s wait lasted more than a few years. When he was 33, he was earning a living as a ski instructor to celebrities in Aspen, Colorado. It was a good living, but from out of the depths of his memory, his muse called to him. Her siren song was not to be ignored and Peter moved to Sedona, Arizona, drawn to its energy vortices, its natural beauty, and its powerful connection to a higher purpose in life. It was in Sedona that Peter discovered his affinity for, or more accurately, his mystical connection with the Celtic harp. It was 1993 and he took to the instrument, without any formal training or lessons, like the proverbial fish to water. His playing talent sprung forth in an almost organic manner, surprising Peter most of all. As part of this emergence of his muse, and tapping into the positive energies that swirl around Sedona, Peter decided that it was time to rethink much of his life. Making changes to his diet, engaging in energy healing, chiropractic medicine, herbal treatments, and shamanic workshops, Pe


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