Healing Our Waters: Daily Water Healing and Blessing

2018 | 6:04 | INSPIRATION |

Every week I gather a jar of water from the body of water that I plan to heal the following Wednesday. Each day I do the following healings on that jar of water. Then on Wednesday I put it back into the source body of water and do those same healings on the source body of water as I put the water back in.

Here are the healings I do plus references as promised:
• Molecular Demanifestation Demolecular Manifestation from “Talk To The Animals” (http://bit.ly/AnimalsDawn ) by Gary Douglas

• Holy Fire Reiki
• Water healing glyph from Jean Logan's SYMBOLS OF THE DAWN https://amzn.to/2CUXtmQ
• The Hawaiian blessing ho'oponopono which is:
I’m Sorry -- Please Forgive Me -- Thank You -- I Love You

Join me every Wednesday morning for a water healing / blessing https://www.facebook.com/groups/WaterWednesday/

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