How the Iris of the Eye Can Reveal Breast Cancer and Other Illness Risks with Professor Serge Jurasunas, N.D (Hom), M.D (hc)

2020 | 52:05 | SPIRITUALITY |

Did you know that through the use of cameras, flashlights, and microscopes, iridologists can examine a patient's iris in order to detect tissue change, stromal irregularities and pigment patterns that can provide early detection of diseases?

Join me for a fascinating conversation with Dr. Jurasunas, one of the world's top natural medical research pioneers in the world. Dr. Jurasunas will share his cutting-edge findings on various health topics including how disease in the colon, modern ways to reverse cancer and other degenerative diseases, and much more.

You won't to miss this eye-opening interview.


CCV of Professor Serge Jurasunas. M.D. (hc), N.D. (Hom)

Dr. Jurasunas was born in France and emigrated to the US in 1960. He is a doctor of Naturopathic and Homeopathic Medicine who initialy trained in South Africa, England and North America, where he discovered the science of Iridology. (Dr. Jurasunas has done extensive research on the science and diagosis of Iridology with some of the best specialists in the world, such as Dr. Bernard Jensen of Escondido, California, and Professor J. Deck of Germany).

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