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Tips on how to attract a steady flow of ideal clients with Dov Gordon

• We call ourselves the Alchemist Entrepreneurprecisely because we get below the surface to … We’re not skidding across the surface.
• We can skid across the surface of our understanding, or we can strike at the root where the masses are hacking at the leaves. We can build on the underlying structure of a situation.
• We eventually get to simplicity on the far side of complexity.
• The only three questions in the mind of the ideal client is should I pay attention? Is it interesting? When you’ve got me interested, can I trust you? And is what you recommend right for me?
• Instead of just being overwhelmed with ideas, you realize, okay, what is one thing I can do for each of these [questions above] and that’s what I’m all about.
• All we’re ever thinking about is a problem that we have and don’t want and/or a result we want and don’t have. Be clear as to who’s the ideal client? What’s the problem they have? Speak that aloud in a way that is clear, and usually clearer than they are thinking it themselves.
• What gets me excited is the things that don’t change, timeless principles. Mastery. Master your craft. We’ve got to master and more deeply understand things we already know rather than go off and look for more information.

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The only three questions in the mind of the ideal clients are is it interesting? Can I trust you? And, is what you recommend right for me?

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Doug: Well, welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today, I think you’re going to enjoy the conversation. Our guest today in studio is Dov Gordon. He shared a lot of valuable information. I’m just going to give you just a snippet, an insight on a couple of things he’s going to cover in terms of messaging to see if we’re going in the right direction attracting clients.

He said that basically, people, there are two issues that people are dealing with. They have a problem that they don’t want and they’re looking for a result that we want and they don’t have. Dov has been in business for a number of years and he helps coaches and consultants get ideal clients consistently. We know that there’s millions and millions of consultants and coaches, like me and like probably many of you, that are really good at what you do. But, you don’t have a personality style to be somebody else that’s a charismatic guru-type and many people don’t want that style.

But, they love what they do. All they’re really looking is a consistent flow of good clients who value their expertise and who value the people that they’re working with as well. And, they want to get paid well. Dov and his small team take a tactical or tactic-agnostic approach, which if you’ve heard me before, I totally support, and they help you build a strong strategic foundation and teach you how to apply that to build a simple, client-getting system that is best for you.

Without further ado, I want to invite Dov on my podcast and get us started and let him share with you how you too can look at developing a system to consistently bring you clients that you like working with that will pay y

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