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Tips on how to be healthy with Rob Dionne

• I’m convinced that if you go outside of more than 10 [healthy] recipes, the variety is what’s going to sink you.
• Until you are basically at the end of the road and you got a tag on your toe, there’s always more to learn about you. 
• I feel like the most important thing is to be real and authentic with what your journey is, and what actually has an impact on you and your wellness.
• If I can impart a lifestyle and to anybody’s already crazy life and help them kind of navigate that, then I’ve done my job.
• And so, I think like a business person, whether it be in marketing, whether it be in some kind of sales, when you meet up with your client, you need to be able to have the conversation with a vocabulary that they can understand and be able to break things down in a very digestible way early on.
• You make a really good point in that don’t hire anybody that hasn’t been down that road.
• When you hired your personal trainer, that was a great move on your part because not only are these guys training other physique competitors to compete, but they’re doing it themselves and that’s the person you want to hire.
• We dive in deep to the point where people are getting emotional and having some real breakthroughs in what’s truly standing in their way.
• I knew for a while it was going to be too much work for me to do it and I wasn’t going to be able to create the self-motivation. So I outsourced that.

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I’m convinced that if you go outside of more than 10 healthy recipes, the variety is what’s going to sink you.

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Doug Morneau:Well, welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today, we’re going to pivot just a little bit in our conversation. In studio, I’ve got joining me, a good friend of mine, Rob Dionne. Now, Rob is a fellow podcaster. He’s an entrepreneur and he’s also a health and wellness guy. I met Rob several years ago at the New Media Summit in San Diego and connected with him, and we’ve since stayed in touch through social media and met up at various events.

So, Rob after getting married was struggling to carve out a career for himself and he had several different jobs. He had worked at as an actor, waiter, personal trainer and he had gone through some health challenges. I’m going to let him share a little bit of that with you and a transformed his life, got himself healthy and fit, and then realized that he could share his personal experiences, the pain that he had dealt with in trying to get healthy with others and help them succeed. 

I think what you should do is listen real careful for the nuggets that are in there. Yes, we’re going to talk a lot about health and fitness and why it’s important as business owners to make sure that we look after the most important asset our business has, and that is the health of the founder, the owner or the chief executive that is running the company. So I think if you listen, you’ll hear a Rob drop several nuggets of tips and techniques and stuff that he does that are quite unique and quite interesting as he grows his business in a super competitive space, the health and wellness, weight loss

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