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Tips on how to create authentic “know, like, and trust” by Kevin Knebl

• Create sincere and authentic “know, like, and trust.”
• I basically teach people and remind people really how to be high touch in a more and more high tech world. It’s all about conversations.
• The fastest way to get to where you want to go (reach your goals) is actually to slow down. Most people have been innocently trained to believe just the opposite, even though there’s no evidence to support it.
• The way people start to know you, like you, trust you is you start to take a sincere interest in them as a human being, not as a commission check.
• The easiest way to create know, like, trust is to take a sincere interest in people

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The easiest way to create know, like, and trust is to take a sincere interest in people

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Doug Morneau: Well welcome back listeners. Today we’ve got a super special episode. The gentleman that we’re going to be talking to today is somebody I followed for quite a while on social media and he does some pretty extraordinary stuff on social. I’ve read his first book and really enjoyed it.

I want to properly introduce Kevin. It’s Kevin Knebl and he is an international speaker. He is an author, he’s a trainer, and he’s an executive coach. His clients have included individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, fortune 500 companies. He’s a very in-demand leading authority on social selling, relationships, marketing, LinkedIn, and Twitter with a very healthy dose of inspiration. If you’ve ever connected with him on social you’ll get exactly what I mean by he is very generous with his conversation. He’s a transformational insight and he has a great sense of humor. He does a lot of speaking at conferences, conventions, company training, and many other events.

The very first book of his that I read, he coauthored, it’s called “The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking.” Kevin is also a contributing author of “Learning Marketing and Social Media in 7 Days.”

Kevin’s background includes being a top salesperson for four different companies, including being a top salesperson in the world for an international consulting firm with over 300 salespeople in 15 countries. He has trained 100s of organizations and 10s of 1000s of professionals on the most profitable uses of LinkedIn, social selling, and relationship marketing since 2004. Kevin also has the most individually handwritten client recommendations, over 1925, on his LinkedIn profile among over 575 million LinkedIn users worldwide.

He’s been married for 23 years to a woman he met when she booked him to play piano at her wedding to another man. I think we’ll have to dive into that a little deeper. Yes, the last sentence is true, he has a face for radio, but he can be reached at, that’s Kevin, K-E-V-I-N, Knebl is

Kevin, with that great long introduction, with many interesting points, welcome to the Real Marketing Podcast.

Kevin Knebl: Thank you, Doug, and real quick before we go any place else, right at the end there when you said m

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