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Tips on how to improve your email strategy and customer response with Kate Barrett

• The trend is about being customer-centric, understanding what your customers’ needs are, respecting that, and then delivering on it.
• In my view, I think you should have a repliable email address and I think that somebody should be monitoring that or at the very least if you had some kind of automated response that directed them to how they can get further help.
• When you get really engaged with people when you can encourage their engagement through communications that really makes sense to them, that’s where you see the best results.
• Because somebody unsubscribes, it just means that they don’t necessarily want to receive emails from you at this time.
• I think bad advice would be anyone who tells you not to focus on email and just to focus on social media or any channels like that
• One of the things that I talk about in my book is understanding where you are. It’s the very first chapter. It’s knowing what you’ve got in your business already before you move on to optimizing and then adding to it.

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It’s about being customer-centric, understanding what your customers’ needs are and then delivering on it.

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today in studio joining me, I’ve got Kate Barrett. Now, Kate is the founder of a company in the UK called eFocus Marketing and the Email Marketing Academy. She provides specialist email marketing, consultancy management, and training services to companies all around the world.

Doug:Now, I had Kate on my podcast very early on. You want to check out episode seven, which is the Keys to Email Marketing in a Snapchat World. I really enjoyed my conversation with her then and I wanted to have her back on because she has just written a new book on email marketing, which we’ll talk about shortly. She’s got a proven track record, she’s got over a decade experience in the email marketing arena and specifically increasing results from opens to clicks, to sales. Her expertise and passion has helped a very large range of companies develop their comprehensive strategies to target subscribers with the right message sent to the right person at the right time and she helps them with all the implementation optimization of those campaigns.

Doug:Some of the companies that Kate has worked with, just to give you an idea of brand and perspective are Nissan, Marks $ Spencer, Argos, Vision Direct, Soletrader, Photobox, My Voucher Coupons, Adidas. She’s worked with a number of large brands as well as a number of new companies that are just moving into the email marketing to help them grow their business up. She’s walked in the shoes of everybody from every kind of a startup to large companies, she has been elected as a member of the DMA Email Marketing Council for the last three years, and she regularly speaks around the world.

Doug:She’s a blogger, and she’s a contributor to Smart Insights as well as a trainer for the IDM. I look at her as someone who does a very good job in her space and is up on the latest email m

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