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Tips on how to outsource with Jaime Jay

• My superpower is helping companies stop the bottleneck within their business.
• I’m a big firm believer in life balance. Not work/life balance. The quality of life, including work, personal, family, and enjoying it all.
• I am a huge advocate of trying my darndest to enjoy every aspect of the day
• This [delegation] is where I say it’s okay to be selfish. It’s actually okay, you must be selfish.
• I would have had my systems and processes ironed out from day one. 
• We highly encourage weekly meetings at a minimum.

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To outsource better I would have had my systems and processes ironed out from day one. 

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners, to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today in the studio I’ve got joining me, Jaime Jay. He describes himself as a coach, dreamer, and connector. If you look at his website, and you look for Jaime a little bit online, I found a really interesting quote. It said, “There’s not a court in America that would ever convict Jaime of a crime because he would probably know someone on the jury.”

My experience with Jaime has been he is a connector, he is a gentleman, and he is very polite and gracious in how he helps businesses and individuals to grow. He challenges himself every day, and he’s an amateur hockey player, he’s a starter geek who enjoys helping his clients to rediscover themselves and ask their why.

Jaime’s got lots of experience in the marketing space, in the podcasting space, and we’re going to cover a lot of these topics today, but more importantly we’re going to dive deep on how to leverage your time, how to consider outsourcing, hiring remote staff, to either help you start a side hustle if you’re working someplace else, or if you’re an entrepreneur and running your own company, how can you get some help so you can focus on what really matters in terms of driving your business, increasing your sales, and expanding your each?

I’d encourage you just to sit back, tune in, listen in, and enjoy the conversation with Jaime. With that said, welcome to the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast, Jaime. Hey Jaime, I am so excited to have you as my guest today on the Real Marketing podcast, so welcome.

Jaime Jay:Thank you so much, Doug. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to chat with you today.

Doug:Well I mean, we, obviously for our listeners, what you don’t know is Jaime and I are in a mastermind, so we get to hang out and do a video call once a week so I was just super excited to hear that he could get me into the schedule and he could join us and share his superpower, so I want to turn it over to you and I want you to tell our listeners, what is your superpower?

Jaime Jay:My superpower is helping companies stop the bottleneck within their business.Often times it’s you, it’s me, it’s the business owners that are in the way of our own selves. My superpower is helping people identify that they most likely are the bottleneck in a very, very nice way, and showing them how to remove themselves somewhat and allow for someone to come in and support them so that they can scale the company or do whatever it is they want to do to achieve whatever success means to th

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