How to Prepare for a Recession with Kathy Fettke - REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN EXTRA

2019 | 1:03:32 | REAL ESTATE |

Kathy Fettke is Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network, the best selling author of Retire Rich with Rentals and host of the Real Wealth Show and Real Estate News for Investors podcasts. She is an active real estate investor, licensed real estate agent, and former mortgage broker, specializing in helping people build multi-million dollar real estate portfolios that generate passive monthly cash flow for life.

With a passion for researching real estate market cycles, Kathy is a frequent guest expert on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, NPR, CBS MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. She was also named among the “Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” by Goldman Sachs two years in a row.

In this episode, we talk about:
o How to time the real estate market
o What to do to prepare for a recession
o How to safely buy real estate out of state

In the EXTRA portion of this show we talked about:
- Specific steps you can take to safeguard yourself against a recession.
- Specific markets to buy in right now.

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