How to Reinvent and Re-Energize Yourself with a Fulfilling, Joyful Purpose-Driven Calling

2020 | 59:19 | LIFESTYLE |

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Her upbringing in Communist Poland opened her heart to community, creativity and connection. She played dress up at home, imagined adventures and had big parties where they talked and talked. At that time in Poland, there wasn’t an option to watch the latest Hollywood movie, or buy a new video game. Instead of consuming, they connected. What makes her childhood unique is that Veronika was actually born in the United States and had an American passport. From a very young age she traveled all over the world. The combination of these two aspects of her childhood leave her with a big, wide view of the world, and a heart for community and connecting with people.

She completed High School and University in the U.S. she was ready to take on the world. After 8 years in the corporate environment, Veronika decided that her talents and real calling were beyond the 9-5 rat race lifestyle. In 3 years she left her job, and started to fulfill her own calling - which was helping women to reinvent themselves and live a life of growth fulfillment and joy. You will find Veronika speaking on virtual and live stages globally and showing her clients how they too can get re energised and clear on their one purpose driven path, not someday but now!

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