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Tips on how to use podcasting to grow your brand with Jeremy Slate

• You need to know who your tribe is.
• You really have to nail down your talking points before you go on a show.
• Sum up your message into one very memorable thing, and one place to go. That’s really the formula to nailing this podcast thing.
• Get really, really good at telling your stories and being flexible with it so it doesn’t sound like you’re reading.
• Don’t wait until every single thing in the world is perfect to get started. That’s never going to happen. That time period will never exist. You have to get started [now].
• Think of the results you want to achieve in the end. Like what is the goal that you’re doing this whole program for?
• Niche it down to who you serve, because that’s going to help you figure out who the opinion leaders are. 
• On getting started: “I want you to consider if you don’t do it now, what’s going to happen in a year from now? What’s going to happen in five years from now?”

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Sum up your message into one very memorable thing, and one place to go. That’s really the formula to nailing this podcast thing.

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing, Real Fast. Today in studio I’ve got joining me, Jeremy Ryan Slate. He is the founder of Create Your Own Life podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world. He studied literature at Oxford University and is a former champion power lifter turned new media entrepreneur. He specializes in using podcasts and new media to create celebrity for himself, as well as his clients. He was ranked number one in iTunes, new and know worthy, and number one in the business category, as well as ranked number 78 in the top 100 podcasts by iTunes. Jeremy was also named one of the 26 top podcasts to follow in 2017 as well as 2018 by CIO Magazine, and also recommended as the best podcast to listen to by Inc. Magazine 2019, and the millennial influencer to follow in 2018 by Buzzfeed.

So, the Create Your Own Life podcast has been downloaded now over a million times, in addition to that Jeremy is also a featured writer for Influencive and So, after his success in podcasting Jeremy and his wife founded Command Your Own Brand Media, and the goal is to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts and help podcasters become more profitable. So, if you are a podcaster and you’re looking to drive revenue, or if you have a business, you’re an entrepreneur in the marketing department, and you’re looking at opportunities to be a guest on other people’s podcasts that have your audience as listeners, then stay tuned, sit down and listen, because here comes Jeremy Slate to the Real Marketing, Real Fast podcast.

Hello, Jeremy, I’m super excited to have you on the show today and to draw in your expertise. I mean, you have achieved some amazing things in your life and your business. So, welcome to Real Marketing Podcast today.

Jeremy Slate:Hey, thank you so much for having me, Doug. I’m really humbled that you took the time to have me out, I know, since you just recently rocked the mic on my show, so glad to kind

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