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Tips on how to use Twitter to connect with influencers from Carmen Lascu

• I see Twitter as a great tool to connect with influencers
• Twitter works well for connecting with coaching businesses, business services, speakers, and influencers
• I asked what they think about the future of social media, and then I put it together and wrote a book.
• There are loads of ideas to use for creating small videos that you can show on Twitter
• How many hashtags should we use? …I would say on Twitter no more than two, three. On Instagram, you can use 10, 11. On Instagram the more the better. And then on Facebook, maybe two, three…

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I see Twitter as a great tool to connect with influencers. Twitter works well for connecting with coaching businesses, business services, and speakers.

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Doug: Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today in the studio I’ve got a special guest joining me, her name is Carmen Lascu. She is a social media expert with over 15 years of experience in mass media, public relations, marketing, events, business development, social media, and digital marketing. She was a finalist in the UK Blog Awards in 2017 and 2018. She is a social media influencer and actually, that’s how I met Carmen was online through Twitter. She is an author of three social media books published on Amazon. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Business Cloud Magazine, and other printed and online magazines.

She was born in Romania. She’s living in the UK since May 2011. She is happily married with a little girl born in March 2013. She is a follower of Jesus, loving people and empowering them to do great things. I’d like to welcome Carmen to the Real Marketing podcast today.

Carmen: Hello, how you doing? Nice meeting you.

Doug: So it’s great to have a conversation. We have a lot of stuff in … a lot of things in common and we met as we talked before we started recording, through Keith Keller in Australia. So this just points out that in the world, with you being in the UK and me being in Canada and Australia, the world really is getting to be a small place online.

Carmen: True. Definitely. We can talk from all parts of the world.

Doug: So one of the things that I’m quite impressed with and I really wanted to have a conversation with you for our listeners was, how effective you’ve been using social media to grow your business and as we discussed right before we started recording the interview, you’ve been in business now on your own for a year and just celebrated your first anniversary. But do you want to share with our listeners a little bit of how that came about? You were working, you had experience in media and writing as a journalist, so why don’t you share with us a little bit of how you transitioned from what you were doing in the media into now as an influencer online in the social media space.

Carmen: Yeah at first I think everything started with my desire to share with others how to use social media for business, because from the beginning I thought okay, social media is good, it’s a great way to communicate with family, with friends, but it’s good to use for your business t

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