In the Limelight Clarissa Interviews Didi Wong

2021 | 22:08 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for a Business or a speaker mentor then you must listen to this talk. In today's episode with Clarissa Burt we bring Didi Wong, CEO of 'The Yes Academy', which is an entrepreneur mentorship program. Didi Wong moved from Hong Kong and is now settled in Los Angeles. She mentors entrepreneurs in their business, how to succeed in the business. She is also a speaker mentor who teaches people the 'Art of Articulation' so that people can speak better to make an impact.
Apart from being a mentor, she is also a TV producer with shows on Amazon Prime Video, international speaker, author and an angel investor. Didi also talks about her new book, 'Success Breakthroughs' .You can buy the book from her website,
Visit her website to know more,

Didi Wong's Social Accounts:

Facebook: @didiwongofficial
Twitter: @didiwong
LinkedIn: @didiwong
Youtube: @didiwong
Instagram: @didiwongofficial

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