In the Limelight Clarissa Interviews Lady Carnarvon

2021 | 26:15 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

When royalty means business, a business with heritage & history, today's episode happens. Today on 'In the Limelight', Clarissa interviews Fiona Aitken, formally called Lady Carnarvon, Owner & Countess of Highclere Castle (these days it is better known as the setting for the popular television programme and film "Downton Abbey") and Adam Von Gootkin, Co-founder & CEO of Highclere Castle Gin. This episode is special not only because of two guests that we have but also because of the royal guest we have today, a very well-known name in the monarchical circle.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Adam Gootkin has had a family history in the spirits business who has been in this business since the 1800s. Adam's vision to create a global portfolio of hyper-authentic prestige brands with deep roots led him to co-found Highclere Castle Gin.
An award-winning gin, Highclere Castle Gin, is a super-premium line of spirits made from the oats and botanicals grown on Highclere castle estate, specifically, lavender planted by the Bishops of Winchester in the 9th century. Delve into the story behind Highclere castle Gin and more at

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