In the Limelight Clarissa Interviews Laura Saltman

2021 | 22:43 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Listen in as Clarissa interviews Laura Saltman who from working deep within the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, decides one day to leave it all behind for pursue her spiritual awakening.
Laura Saltman is a mindfulness, meditation and metaphysical teacher. She is a conscious channel who has written (cocreated) four books on spiritual laws/principles and consciousness raising tips, tricks and techniques through a voice called “The All.”
Laura began her career in television and is an Emmy-nominated producer and correspondent who has worked for shows like Access Hollywood, E! News, Today and On Air with Ryan Seacrest. She has appeared as a correspondent on Lifetime TV for Designing Spaces and The Balancing Act. She is currently a host on Well World TV and hosts a weekly morning show, Wake Up Well.

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