In The Limelight Interviews Mareya Ibrahim

2021 | 24:36 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Another Lady Superstar here In the Limelight today! Chef, nutritional coach, award winning entrepreneur and author of Eat Like You Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive, Mareya Ibrahim AKA: the Fit Foodie is here with us. Hear this sundry discussion about her journey and what has made her advance over her years within the food industry. A discussion that takes us from her being a nutritional baddie with amazing food ideas, to her entrepreneurial endeavors with products like Eat Cleaner and AvoFresh, to helping stop waste with the Save the Peels Campaign and finding ways to make what we potentially toss into nutritional, delicious meals that would help our us and our environment instead. Get your browsers running, your tummies rumbling and your mind-gears ticking as we ask ourselves “Is that food feeding you? Is it going to good use?” Because “we don’t have to throw things away.”

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