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InsuraGuest Technologies, Inc. (TSX.V: ISGI) Transforming Vacation-Insurance Sector

2020 | 13:59 | FINANCE |

As global tourism soars, integrated support services are increasingly important for both travelers and providers.

InsuraGuest Technologies Inc. (TSX.V: ISGI) is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company leading the way on insurtech integration, with a software platform that covers both insurance and the technology mechanisms to book that insurance in the hospitality industry. Expedia Group Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPE) makes bookings easier through platforms covering accommodation, transport and other aspects of travel. Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: BKNG) also supports bookings, providing diverse and innovative services to draw customers’ attention. Many of the users of these sites end up at hotels run by Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR), the world’s third-largest hotel chain, or Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H), both of which have been expanding their portfolios of large mainstream hotels and more unusual properties.

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