Intuitive Healing with Leanne Winston Psychic Medium

2019 | 1:02:48 | LIFESTYLE |

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Join Leanne Winston Psychic Medium for an online live for a healing Session tonight Friday at 8.30pm AST.
Leanne will hold this space for a healing session as a group online healing. This space is not for personal readings.
If you need some healing or know someone that is in need. This is an open broadcast for everyone to take part in.

Would love to know what it is in your psychical and energetic body that you would like to move or heal.

Spread the word, let’s make this an hour of healings and education on how we can make a change in our psychical and energetic body. There are no limits to how far we can send that healing. Together we can help the healing get to where is needed.

This broad will be live from Leanne's Psychic Page. To join in live and comment in the broadcast you need to be watching from

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