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Is Meanness Contagious Episode #002

2022 | 58:19 | INSPIRATION |

In keeping with the mission of this show, investigating what is happening in the world and ways we might consider doing tings differently, this episode features an awesome interview with Donna Cameron, author of "A Year of Living Kindly". Donna, has spent her career working with nonprofit organizations and causes—as an executive, consultant, trainer, and volunteer. She has seen kindness in action and been awed by its power to transform.

Digging in as deeply as we can into the concept of kindness, we discuss the state of flux, miscommunication and the power of social media, to name only a few. Find out more about Donna by going to; https://ayearoflivingkindly.com/author/donnacameroncae/ (Please copy and paste if link is not active).

Find out more about Deborah at; http://WelcometoBishopWorld.com and if you want to chat directly with Deborah, please go to; http://BookDeborahBishop.com (please copy and paste if link is not active).

Keywords: kindness, social media, mainstream media, propoganda, agenda, social science, social culture, society, Donna Cameron, A Year of LIving Kindly, Interview, Talk Show, Talk Radio, Podcast, Video

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