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Is The Coronavirus Brutal for Bitcoin? | CryptoCurrencyWire on The Wild West Crypto Show | Episode 94

Season 1, Episode 1 | 2020 | 7:02 | CRYPTO |

February 1, 2020. The latest news from the cryptocurrency/blockchain space with CryptoCurrencyWire's Communications Director, Jonathan Keim.Whether you’re a little wet behind the ears in the world of cryptocurrency or you have been blazing the crypto trail for a while, the Wild West Crypto Show is the best podcast to hear the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of crypto. Thanks to C-Suite, the Wild West Crypto Show has a larger audience than ever. The show is packed full of information from experts who know a thing or two about cryptocurrency. It breaks down what newcomers need to know about getting started in cryptocurrency while providing valuable insight for more experienced Crypto Cowboys. The Wild West Crypto Show is your #1 source for the latest crypto news, inside information, & exclusive interviews from the most influential people in the crypto space.In addition to vast social ramifications, the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility and complicated nature of both manufacturing and supply chains as well as their susceptibility to disruption from disease, political unrest, or natural disaster. Out of necessity, manufacturers in the new normal will build factories much closer to where critical parts are needed, reduce the human workforce, and rely more on software and efficiency technologies like 3D printing. At the epicenter of this sea of change is Sigma Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: SGLB) with its revolutionary patented technology that detects and identifies defects and anomalies in real-time during the 3D printing process of metal, paving the way for scalability and economic efficiency. Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has created a blueprint for consumer supply chain evolution, proving the importance of bringing outputs closer to where they are needed. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has turned its software prowess toward 3D printing in a consortium that has created a modern manufacturing 3D printing file format, 3MF. For additive manufacturing, this new format replaces older file formats and eliminates many interoperability issues. Software behemoth, Autodesk Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK), makes a broad range of 3D software tools for almost every industry, essential for rapid prototyping and industrial manufacturing. Engineering simulation software from ANSYS Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSS) allows innovation to flow smoothly through design, testing, and into 3D printing manufacturing. Software and technology are becoming increasingly important as the world grapples with how to reinvent social interaction and commerce in the post pandemic era.

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