Jay Levitt, Founder & CEO, Lofta Inc. A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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Jay Levitt, Founder & CEO, Lofta Inc. A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Jay Levitt and Lofta Inc:

Living with sleep-disordered breathing is challenging. Treating it shouldn’t be.

That’s why we created LOFTA.

Driven by a desire to streamline a needlessly complex experience, we set out to un-complicate the process. Gone are the obstacles to relief: the frustrating maze of insurance, the arduous overnights at the sleep lab, the lack of support, and the clinical complexity that compounds an already exhausting problem.

LOFTA clears the path to breathing easier with expert guidance at every step, from diagnosis to treatment. Our personalized support includes the necessary screening tools, testing kits, and supplies, all accessible in one place—home.

Better sleep can change your life. And it’s never been easier.

Lofta is a digital HealthTech company based in sunny La Jolla, California leveraging internet and virtual care technology to revolutionize the diagnostic journey for sleep apnea, chronic snoring and sleep breathing disorders. Through the Lofta CompletePath and the Lofta RightStart Therapy Program, our clients are able to move from initial engagement through screening, testing, and diagnosis and into therapy in under a week- all from home. In addition, Lofta is launching revolutionary e-commerce asset with curated sleep wellness products coupled with a strong emphasis on consumer value propositions and a rich emotional brand experience.

We are a family of individuals committed to creating one of the great brands of our time. We are fanatical about the client experience and creating a rich brand ethos where our clients are constantly rewarded not by the transaction alone, but by the emotional experience that they receive each and every time they have a Lofta engagement. Our consumer-centric approach, combined with the creation of a new narrative and conversation around sleep wellness will define Lofta as the leader in taking the sleep wellness space into this new paradigm.


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