Jim Ohneck, CEO of Laser Therapy Services A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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Jim Ohneck, CEO of Laser Therapy Services A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Jim Ohneck and Laser Therapy Services:

Jim Ohneck has always been fascinated with the technology that harnesses the full potential of light to help heal people. Over the last 10 years, Jim has helped clients bring their product designs to life and educated hundreds of physicians, clinicians and technicians about how lasers work and interact with the body. He has helped companies find “best in class” design and manufacturing firms to produce prototypes and launch full production of their innovative systems.

Laser Therapy Services provides a full suite of services for their clients, including Manufacturing, Clinical, and Business expertise to help companies achieve their goals.

Clinical services provided by Laser Therapy Services include Laser Technology Training & Certifications, Laser Acquisition Assistance, and Laser Therapy System Service & Repair. On the business side, Laser Therapy Services is ready to help with Technology Evaluation, Market Research and Valuation, Market Strategic Characteristics, Business & Advertising Plan Development, and Business Planning Process Development.

Laser Therapy Services also assists companies with the assembly of complex optoelectronics modules. Jim represents AEMtec/Exceet in North America, a division of Exceet Group and a world class company specializing in opto-electronics and microelectronics used in the medical sector, as well as the telecommunications, industrial & automation, semiconductor, security, and automotive industries. AEMtec provides comprehensive expertise along the entire value chain, from the design of optical components through microsystem integration. The full suite of services offered by Laser Therapy Services is comprehensive and robust, freeing clients to develop their technology and speed time to market.
About Epoch® Lasers

Epoch® Lasers offers therapeutic lasers for physicians, therapists, athletic trainers and patients for office visits or in their homes.

The Epoch® laser therapy system is an effective modality for treatment of pain and inflammation and accelerating healing.

The Epoch® Laser Therapy system initiates healing at the cellular level. This enables the reduction of compounds related to pain and inflammation. Simultaneously, healing and tissue regeneration are stimulated.

The system can be a stand-alone treatment or paired with rehabilitative physical therapy.


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