Joe Burton, Founder of ROI Marketplace A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

2021 | 29:04 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

Joe Burton, Founder of ROI Marketplace A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Joe Burton and ROI Marketplace:

My focus of my career has always been in the direct response space. I consider myself an expert in working directly with ROI minded clients who are looking to achieve success with their business but have struggled to do so. My specialty is implementing strategic marketing plans for companies that help them greatly expand their reach.

I have vast experience managing campaigns through all forms of media. Having managed multi-million dollar campaigns online, through television and radio I have real world experience in any form of advertising that is available.

My track record for success is second to none and its been proven time and time again by the successful campaigns i have ran and the happy clients I have left behind.

ROI Marketplace is the premier Native Advertising agency in the marketplace. Having managed millions in platforms like Taboola, Gemini, Google, Outbrain, RevContent, Content Ad and others we know exactly how to build out campaigns that are not only profitable but convert. With in house designers, writers and media buyers we strategically work with each client to determine exactly what they need and how to help. Native Marketing is a great opportunity for a company to get their story out to the public and we work with you to insure your story is told exactly how you want it. Simply put ROI connects Brands to Their consumers and does it better than anyone else in the market. Roi Marketplace has also recently launched our private affiliate network, exclusively for the best of the best affiliate marketers.

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