Kimberly and Warren Griffin, Editor in Chief and Co-Editor Bully Magazine, DotCom Magazine Feature

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Kimberly and Warren Griffin, Editor in Chief and Co-Editor, Bully Magazine A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview.

About Kimberly, Warren Griffin and Bully Magazine:

Release The Negative Impact in your Life with Bully Magazine.

Kimberly is an author of five children's books. Her stories allow young children to understand life skills about; courage, fear, patience, respect, love, motivation, and acceptance. She believes these stories will help decrease bullying and allow readers to understand those with different abilities.

Kimberly is also a Mental Health Professional and the founder of a nonprofit organization. Warren is a fiction writer and author with the passion and commitment to help make Bully Magazine a place that allows all readers to speak up about their hidden emotions and the difficulties they've encountered in life, and how they have overcome the challenges.Very inspiring and powerful!

Mental Health professional with experience teaching health science course, and a long history of working in Health & Wellness. Skilled in Phlebotomy, Biometric screening, Health care administration, and special blood collections. Expertise in Inventory Management, mental health skill building, Coaching, Sales, Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Publications and editing. Team Building on community awareness for preventions. Bachelor’s Degree focused in Health and Wellness, with Masters in Public Health concentration in Epidemiology. Author of children books, chief edition of motivational publication “Bully Magazine” founder of 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
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