Let's Dance Our Way to FREEDOM! (Instructional)

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Let's Dance Our Way to FREEDOM! (Instructional)

2018 | 6:19 | INSPIRATION |

In this Instructional Free Form Movement Session, we'll explore how we can break out of the habitual ways of thinking, moving, and being. The Body has its own intelligence, which is largely untapped, and it's high time we unleash this great power!

Come of your shell and Move into the Pulse of Life!

You'll come out of this session feeling SO much more free and ALIVE!

Come visit our inspiring planet www.VisionaryYoga.com for our latest offerings.

Yoga is SO much more than just a workout on the mat!

Challenge Level: OPEN - you can do this at ANY and all levels of fitness level!

Benefits: Unleash your Mojo & just feelin' GOOD! Breaking through what holds you back - your patterns of self-inhibition to CREATIVE FREEDOM!

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