Level Up Your Branding!

2020 | 26:55 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP |

How do you want employees to feel when working for your organization? Positively, with a dose of quality work-life balance, right? We all want this for our businesses, but the question is how do this while creating the right messaging and how does that translate to your business' brand? Join Winnie as she sits down with Marina Khidekel, the Head of Content Development at Thrive Global, a company with a mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic, to discuss how to balance life. Together we cover micro-step financial tips, and listen to Joanna Seddon, the Global Managing Partner of Brand Consulting at Ogilvy Consulting, talk about how a business can innovate and grow its brand. She shares insight on branding, authenticity, and the evolving role of marketing for today.

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