Level Up Your Travel!

2020 | 32:53 | TRAVEL |

Big travel dreams usually come with a big travel price tag. But what if you wanted to achieve your grand vacation dreams on a modest budget? It’s not impossible, but you have to be miles and points strategy savvy! This episode is jam-packed with actionable travel tips!
Come join Winnie as she sits down with Jeremy Lindblad (Lindblad Expeditions) and Ari Levin (VP Partnerships at Hyatt Hotel Corps) to discuss the future of luxury travel and the value of experiences, Richard Kerr (Founder of Travel 101 and *include his current points guy title here*) shares his best tips on picking flights and hotels, and Jason Steele, senior contributor for The Points Guy, and Bethany Walsh, Founder of Bougie Miles, who are points/miles experts and travel enthusiasts, share their insights and life changing travel tips so you can get the biggest bang for your buck, the most miles for your money, and the most value out of your points!
They say some of the most successful people are also the most well traveled. I think you should test this theory and report back.

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